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Service Options

In Store:
Bring your PC or Laptop into our shop and we can diagnose your system and let you know what upgrades and repairs it needs.

On Site:
We are able to provide on-site diagnosis and, when possible, repair of your system. Please call in for further details and advice. We will get you back up and running FAST!

Remote Support:
Using our remote software we can log into your computer and diagnose and sometimes repair connectivity or software issues on your computer.

Learn more about: Remote Support


We can repair all makes and models of PCs, Laptops, Ultrabooks and Mac replacing faulty components with new quality replacement parts where necessary.

If your system has trouble with...

    • Booting
    • Charging the battery
    • Broken or faulty display
    • Virus or spyware problems
    • Internet connection issues
    • AC adapter not working
    • Ports not working
    • Power jack broken

We can help with that!
for an estimate!


We can give your PC or Laptop a speed boost with a variety of upgrade options including:

    • Processor
    • Memory
    • Hard Drive
    • Graphics Card
    • Network Card
    • Sound Card
    • USB Bluetooth and WiFi Dongles

Or we can custom build you a completely new system to fit your needs.

Bring your system in for a full diagnostic analysis and we can advise you on the best upgrade path.