Remote Support

What is Remote Assistance?
Remote Assistance uses special software to connect us to your computer over the Internet. The remote assistance software allows us to see your screen, move your mouse pointer and type via our keyboard. The connection to your computer is not automatic. It does require your assistance and permission to establish a connection. Once a remote assistance session is over we will not have any way to reconnect to your computer unless you run the software again and allow us access. During the remote assistance session you will be able to see everything that our technician does on your computer. When completed, you can simply close the window of the remote assistance software and we will no longer have access.

The following conditions need to be met in order for us to be able to troubleshoot using remote assistance:

    • You need to have a stable, high speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, etc).
    • Your computer needs to run Microsoft Windows, any version.
    • Any firewall software which might block the operation of the remote assistance software should be temporarily disabled for the time of the session and re-enabled afterwards.
    • The computer should be clean of viruses, trojans and other malicious software.
Computer Wizards Remote SupportRemote Support Process Step by Step:
    1. Call or email us for an appointment.
    2. An appointment is then set for the remote assistance session and we will call you at that time.
    3. To set up the connection you will need to download a small file to your computer and run it. Our remote assistance client can be downloaded HERE
    4. After you have downloaded and started the client you will get a screen with a unique ID number (see picture to right)
    5. You will then need to give the technician the ID number so they can connect.
    6. When the technician has performed the necessary tasks they will end the session and you can close the remote assistance client.

That's it! Simple and Quick.



Our current rate is $1/minute with a 10 minute minimum. New customers must provide credit card for prepayment of the first 10 minutes (minimum) and the remaining minutes will be charged after the session has ended. We may, upon request, offer deferred billing to established customers.